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The mathportfolio is a mathematical method that has been developed to combine learning Computational Thinking and learning mathematics. This mathematical method uses specially designed programming assignments where it's necessary to understand and apply one or more math skills to complete the assignment.

In most cases the examples are the assignments (See: Category:assignments), so the students can analyze and recreate the examples in the computer language of their choice.

The rationale of mathportfolio is that Computational Thinking rather can be trained with many small assignments than with a few big assignments

Mathportfolio also uses the programming paradigm of object oriented programming. This means that abstracted mathematics operations can be stored as `Mathematical Objects` and can be used to multiple assignments.

Many examples of assignments at mathportfolio are build in the programming-language ActionScript, because it's easy to share AS3 applications in a web environment, but all assignments can also be performed in any other programming language (JavaScript, Python, C#, enz.)

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